Defense Traffic attorney Chesterfield is responsible for defending the people charged with traffic violation offense. The accused and convicted of reckless driving in Chesterfield VA can face some serious challenges while facing the charges of traffic violation offense. In Chesterfield VA, it is not a minor offense but a very serious one.

An offender of traffic violation crime can face the sentence to imprisonment with a heavy penalty fine. The driving license of an offender of traffic violation crime can also be suspended. Moreover, with other penalties, six demerit points will also be added to the offender’s driving record. The demerit points in the driving license can badly affect your driving record, and the cost of insurance might also be increased. To avoid these various penalties that you can be charged with, considering our traffic attorney Chesterfield would be beneficial to the offender for complete guidance in the case.

Our professional defense traffic attorney Chesterfield with enough experience will assist you through the complete legal process and will clear all your queries.

As per the Commonwealth statutes, driving in a manner that can put life, limb or property in danger is known as reckless driving, and it is one of the most serious offenses in Chesterfield VA. However, a few actual charges and penalties also depend on the police officer’s opinion who is writing a citation. Many other factors can also influence the charge of a traffic violation, for example, reckless driving by accident charges.

According to the law of Chesterfield VA, there are about 13 charges of a traffic violation. Our Traffic attorney Chesterfield can enlighten you about what evidences and proves does a prosecution needs in order to get a conviction.

The most common charges of reckless driving include:

  • Reckless driving by over speeding.
  • Driving a vehicle that is out of control.
  • Driving with a blocked or an obstructed view.
  • Risk of harming a life, limb or someone’s property.

Speaking to our Traffic attorney Chesterfield can clear all your questions and will explain all the potential justifying factors in your criminal case.

A convicted of traffic violation offense can be punishable by a sentence to imprisonment for about one year and will be charged a penalty fine of $2,500 if this is their first offense and they possess a good driving record. In addition to these penalties, the driving license of an offender will also be suspended for at least six months, and six demerit points will be added to their driving record if convicted.

Most of the traffic violation offenses in Chesterfield involve imprisonment. Therefore, a convicted must appear in the court and not just main in payment with the ticket that has been charged. In your absence, the representation of a defense lawyer can be invaluable. Additionally, in some severe traffic violation cases, an arrest warrant can be issued directly if a convicted does not appear for the trial date.

A convicted should fetch all the legal information and guidance from the traffic lawyers in Chesterfield VA for getting the best results possible and make sure that they get rid of the charge.