What is required to get a restraining order in Virginia?

In Virginia, restraining order is called the protective order. This order is important when you are being forced by any other person into violence or being threatened with acts of physical, sexual, emotion or psychological harassment. You can obtain a protective order when you go to a General District Court and demonstrate the judge that the protective order is necessary to protect your life and your loved ones. This order is for those who do not fall under definition of family abuse sections of code in Virginia. You have to file the family abuse protective orders into JDR court (Domestic Relations District Court).

If you are filing for a restraining order, you are the petitioner and offender is respondent. You can download forms online or can visit to SRIS Law Group to consult. You must provide the contact information for the respondent. You also have to describe how he or she has harmed or threatened to harm you or your family members. If seeking a family abuse order, you must provide information of your relationship to the respondent.

At the full hearing, the respondent has the opportunity to defend his or herself against the allegations imposed by you. Then you need to show the evidence that you have been threatened and the respondent was involved in this offence. If court believed that you are at risk for harm, it will issue a protective order.

To have a legal representation for protective order, SRIS Law Group can represent you in case. We have two former prosecutors and qualified lawyers to help you in your legal matters. We can assure that we can provide you our services in the way you want.

Flat Rate

The SRIS Law Group has different costs to handle the cases for obtaining protective orders in Virginia. You will get to know about the charges in our first meeting and you will sign an agreement prior to the case to avoid any uncertainties. If there are any exclusions to a flat fee must be in the agreement. If not, the lawyer must bear the consequences. As the charges are not same in every case, we are unable to provide you our cost list. Though, we guarantee you that the rate of your case will be settled during first consultation. The specific cost for your case to obtain a protective order will depend on factors that what sort of evidence are provided to prove that respondent is serious and want to harm you and also, in which court it’s in.

Hourly Rate

You can also utilize our services on hourly basis as we’ll provide you our lawyers. It is an option for the client to decide to go with flat fee or hourly rate. Virginia Law require the lawyer fee agreements in written signed by both, the lawyer of and the client.

Payment Methods

The SRIS Law Group provide its client with multiple payment methods which includes cash, personal checks, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

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