Prince William County Traffic Court

The Prince William County traffic court deals with the traffic-related issues. This court deals with a range of cases including minor traffic infractions to severe criminal traffic offenses. The Prince William County traffic court allows you to present your defense against the charges of violating traffic laws. If you are charged with the offense due to the violation of traffic laws, the court asks you to defend yourself either by presenting in the court or by hiring lawyers.

Many of the cases in the Prince William County traffic court have severe consequences on long-term and short-term. Almost all of the traffic offense results in the DMV demerit points in the state of Virginia, whereas, some of the offense is considered as crimes. The conviction of these crimes remain is likely to remain in your criminal records and even some of the traffic convictions results in the suspension of your driving license and even more severe charges. For this reason, it is crucial to consult the traffic attorney to present the strong defense in the Prince William County traffic court.

We advise you not to ignore your court date. If you have pre-payable traffic tickets and you do not pay it before the court date, it is assumed that you will present before the court for contesting your ticket. In this scenario, you will be responsible for the court costs along with the fine mentioned in the ticket. If you have the case related to the offense, which is not pre-payable in the Prince William County traffic court, you are also likely to be convicted with additional criminal charges for failure to appear in the court. Failure to present the charges including reckless driving, or driving under the influence, you might also face the arrest warrant.

The traffic court deals a range of cases every day and possesses extremely busy schedule; therefore, you must reach the court early for contesting your ticket. You might consider the time, which is likely to consume in the security line of the court. For this reason, reaching early in the court is likely to save your waiting time. If you are standing in the security line, and your name called out in the court, you will be declared guilty in your absence. In certain cases, the judge might also issue the bench warrant for your arrest and even for the jail sentence. Under some circumstance, the judge may or may not proceed your hearing on that particular day and you are only left with the option to appeal.

Any of the respectable citizens of Prince William can experience charges and conviction for violation of traffic laws. For this reason, we believe that every citizen must be aware of the procedure to defend his or her charges. Paying fine for the ticket without initiating defense provides that you have convicted crime; therefore, we advise and encourage you to go for the defense. Our competent attorneys are experienced in dealing with minor as well as major offenses in the traffic court. We welcome you to contact us for presenting your defense.