Petersburg Virginia Insurance Fraud Laws

Consumers pay hundreds of dollars annually in premiums to assure them that their needs will be considered for death or emergency and will not deprive their families of it. Insurance Rejection of unfair benefits refers to valid claims that insurance companies deny false causes. Insurance companies cannot dismiss the claim because they are unable to pay their claim or are unwilling to pay their claim. Fraud Legislation Virginia enacted legislation in 1998 to establish a unit to investigate fraud within the Virginia Police Department. Fraud insurance is investigated in Virginia in the first place as money is obtained or signed by a false pretense (§18.2-178). Insurance fraud sometimes occurs under other laws, such as fire, forgery and compensation. Forged crime exceeding $ 200 is a felony punishable by fines, restitution orders and / or prison time.

The law violated the reason why insurers refused to be dishonest or deceptive. If you think your life, car, home, health, or other insurance claim was rejected for rejecting a call and talking to a Petersburg lawyer, they can legally insure that your insurance company correct the mistake and pay you benefits deserved.

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