Pain and Suffering Damages in Virginia

A state like Virginia is where you would dream of living. Why is that? Because of the commonwealth and the code of Virginia. Everything is so maintained, so organized and whatnot. When it comes to the Law in Virginia, you might not find a better state than this. Rules for everyone are same, and the code sees no difference while giving the orders. Pain and Suffering damages are also a part of the code of Virginia. This law has a lot of details a citizen might not be aware of.

What are Pain and Suffering Damages?

You can always think about pain and suffering damages when it comes to personal injury scenarios. Pain and suffering damages are defined in two different categories; one is the economic one, and the other is non-economic.

What are the economic damages? Economic damages are the ones where you can pay the medical bills, the automobile expenses (if there are any). All of the charges will be according to the market rates (whatever is going on, the rates) and will be measured accordingly. Lost wages are also a part of the economic damages. These mentioned cases will be under economic damages.

Coming to the non-economic damages; they are very subjective if we start studying them. Pain and suffering damages are also known as the non-economic damages. It is clearly not an easy task to pay for the non-economic damages. It is usually awarded to a person who has suffered the serious psychological disorder or any kind of physical stress after the injury. That’s why it is difficult to set an amount for non-economic damages. Although breaking down further; the person who is bound to receive the amount under the non-economic damage law can receive on the following factors;

  • How serious the injury is
  • Medical Cure
  • Time to Recover
  • Pain associated with the Injury
  • Consequences for the entire life after the accident

If the economic damage case is going on and the guilty party is willing to give the all of expenses including medical bills, automobile expenses, and etcetera, then the Judge also needs to order for the non-economic charges. The judge needs to know if you have suffered from your accident or injuries or not. If yes, then you are in strong position to ask for the compensation aside from medical bills.

As the non-economic damages are a synonym of Pain and Suffering Damages, it can also be called non-monetary damages. Although you are entitled to ask for the non-economic charges, the jury, who is looking at your case, will consider many facts before ordering the other party to pay for the pain and suffering charges. That is going to be the final step before ordering, and then you will have the expenses your way.

  1. Accidents which includes body injuries, the effect on your health; according to the severity and duration
  2. Past and future physical pain and mental torture
  3. Disfigurement, any associated humiliation
  4. Any inconvenience in the past or future, both