Modification of Child Support in Virginia

Couples after getting divorced, barely look behind at their life. They intend to make a new way for themselves and try to keep themselves away from the court or any other law activity. But, if there’s a child, they both have to go for child support, no matter what. Child support becomes contentious easily because it’s expensive and time-consuming. According to the Virginia Law, both parents have to agree on it. The question that comes to our mind here is, can we change or modify the Child Support in Virginia? The answer is simple, yes. Generally, in Virginia, after getting everything done, you have to let three years pass to submit for a review in child support. Even if three years have passed, you have to request for the review or any modification. If there haven’t been three years passed, they have to request for a special citation which is as follow:

  • Due to birth or change in custody, a new child needs to be added to the order.
  • A child is no longer eligible for support at the current level.
  • Father or mother’s income has increased or decreased by at least 25 percent.
  • Father or mother is in the National Guard, or military reserves have been called to active duty and are experiencing a change in income as a result.

According to Virginia Law, Virginia courts have the full authority to modify orders. If anyone in Virginia seeking modification in Child Support, they need to follow these steps;

Consult a Lawyer

Basic step and very essential. Before taking anything to court or asking for any review, do consult a lawyer and ask for the legal actions and issues. Also, check your changes you are making in your modified report and why are you seeking it. Make sure they are different from last time and take proper help from a lawyer in every problem you face.

Analyze Order

The second thing to do is to analyze the previous order fully you were given, along with your honorable attorney. Even if the case was not agreed upon by both parties, or the other party was called after filing a litigated case.

Financial Information

It is better for both sides to exchange their financial information with each other. This process clears whether how much both sides are earning and that will make it easier for both side’s attorneys. It also clears the fact how much both are willing to pay and what changes there will be after court’s final order.

Get a New Court Order

When it comes to the court, it’s very clear that no verbal or another kind of agreements matters but the final court order. The new court order can only cancel the last order. Both father and mother, can’t change any order with their own will. Even if any changes in income occurs, they can’t modify anything, or if they do, they have to face heavy charges from court or penalties. That’s the law in Virginia.