Felony Eluding Virginia

The crimes in Virginia are classified as felony and misdemeanor, such that this classification is based on the seriousness of the crime. The individuals are charged with the felony and misdemeanor, who are directly involved in crimes or who had assisted the criminals. In Virginia, the individuals are also at an increased risk of being charged with eluding the felony under evade and elude the law. Evade and elude laws in Virginia considers evading and eluding of misdemeanor and felonies, which might result in serious consequences.

Evade and elude law in Virginia is broadly categorized into three different categories. Each of the categories can be considered as a separate crime, having completely different penalties. In addition, each category can be applied to the different factual scenario. The Virginia Code ยง 46.2-817 defines evade and elude the law, and classify evade and elude into misdemeanor eluding and felony eluding.

The misdemeanor evades and elude is referred to as the misdemeanor to willful attempt to elude law enforcement agencies. This law prohibits individuals from disregarding an officer belonging to law enforcement agencies. The volition of commands of law-enforcement officers falls under class 2 misdemeanor. The Virginia law had classified crimes into misdemeanor and felony on the basis of severity and potential consequences of crimes. The misdemeanor is the less severe crime, such that the offender might be charged with less period in jail. However, the felony crimes are associated with harsher sentences, including heavy fines and longer duration of imprisonment.

The felony eluding Virginia is referred to severe crime. The most common cases of felony eluding Virginia have been observed in traffic laws. The class 6 felony evade and elude have the highest number of cases of felony eluding Virginia. If an individual fails to report to the law enforcement officers after receiving visible or audible signal from them, he can be convicted of felony eluding. In addition, if an individual overlooks the commands of law enforcement officers and causes serious harm to the other individuals, the punishment for felony eluding can be more serious. Under the regulation for felony eluding Virginia, the individual might receive maximum punishment for the duration of five years in jail.

The third crime, which is most common with reference to felony eluding Virginia, is class 4 felony. When the person intentionally overlooks the commands of law enforcement agencies and kills law enforcement personnel, he falls under class 4 felony eluding. Class 4 felony eluding can lead towards maximum punishment of ten years in jail and fine for up to $100,000.

Evade and elude laws in Virginia has particular elements which need to be proved by the Commonwealth for proven an individual guilty. The Commonwealth proves their cases by hiring lawyers having experience in representing clients on these charges. The fines and punishment in case of felony eluding can be minimized by hiring lawyer. The defense lawyer presents before the court that individuals pursuing the individuals were not law enforcement agent. Different legal firms in Virginia provide you the defense lawyers, who can facilitate you by providing affirmative defense according to the nature of the case.