Fairfax Virginia New Townhomes for buying

The government of Fairfax Virginia approves latest residential development which includes 55 new urban townhomes just half mile away from metro stations. These new town homes in Fairfax Virginia will be decided to be built on 3.6-acre site at the corner of Sunrise Valley Drive and Roland Clarke Place. These townhomes will integrate, standard design features and include step-less entries from the front or from the garage side. The new buyers looking for buying a townhome can enjoy the option to add more features in to their townhomes. The overall development of the beautiful townhome in Fairfax Virginia includes parks, gardens, public art and bike rack.

Things to know Before Buying

  1. Agents
  2. The contract of Sale
  3. Home Owners Associations


The agents in Fairfax Virginia are licensed professionals all the agents endure extensive training before getting their license. These agents are known as “REALTOR” and is a member of National Association of realtors and are strictly bound by code of ethics in Fairfax Virginia. Realtors can provide service in both buying and selling of townhomes and they are paid usually by the seller. As a buyer it is recommended to hire an agent who can represent you and will help you in all you’re buying needs, they can give the buyer an estimated price range for financing they can also locate suitable properties, offer information on sales, help in selecting financing and write the sales agreement for buying townhomes in Fairfax Virginia.

The Contract of Sales

The contract of sales of the buying or selling transactions is a binding commitment on both the parties. Oral agreements are not bindings so there is no rule in Fairfax Virginia to make oral agreements. After signing the contract no further negotiations can be made so the buyer or seller should be careful in understanding all the terms and conditions before signing the contract. The realtors association developed a sales contract that is widely accepted in the Fairfax Virginia as it carries all the necessary obligations and responsibilities and every single term can be change and negotiated.

Home Owners Association

HOA or home owners association is the association which is responsible is maintaining streets, playgrounds and sidewalks. Before buying a townhome a buyer should know that Home owners association can restrict the limit of the property the restrictions can include color schemes, fences and any further improvement required by the HOA which is the normal part of this association. Fairfax Virginia law demands the seller to give the buyer proper information about the association its rules and regulations and warn about any violations on the property.

More from all about rules and regulation buying a townhome in Fairfax Virginia offers much more then cultural attractions like the annual Fairfax spotlight on arts which is an arts and crafts festival and in the fall you can enjoy the fall festival. For shopping needs Fair Oaks Mall provides upscale shopping environment and even a wide range of great stores from the Apple store to Michael Kars fulfill the requirements of urban lifestyle in Fairfax Virginia.