Fairfax Traffic Court

There are more than 30 judicial districts in Virginia, which means that there are more than 30 distinct ways of dealing with traffic legal matters in Virginia. Fairfax Traffic Court is considered as one of the most important jurisdiction in Virginia. Fairfax Traffic Court serves the most highly populated county in the Commonwealth of Virginia, which is why Fairfax Traffic Court operates relatively different from the other traffic courts in the smaller counties. The difference in operations of a court of a smaller county and a larger county is same as difference in the operations of a large organization and a small business. The laws of Virginia do apply across the board but it may come as a surprise to you that every local court system operates in a slightly different manner at few times. At time these difference are very minor or non-existent but when it comes to others, one court may impose an obligation or accept a procedure while the same is not applied or accepted in a neighboring jurisdiction.

If you are required to appear at the Fairfax Traffic Court for a traffic violation, you will be taken on your way through the entrance and around the turning in the hall to the courtrooms at the first floor. If you are not being represented by a traffic lawyer, you will be required to sit down in the courtroom with further people, which are usually above hundred each day and wait for your name to be called. Once your name is called, you will be required to make a plea. If you plead guilty than you will be provided with a chance to provide with an explanation. However this will not help you in getting off of your charges but if the judges agrees with your reason you sentence will be decided according to it. On the other hand if you plead not guilty than there will be a trial where your word will be against the word of the officer.

In case you have a traffic lawyer then the judge will not call your name and you will be called before the judge on after your lawyer has negotiated a deal and you have accepted that deal. In Fairfax Traffic Court, police and Commonwealth’s lawyer do not intend to negotiate with defendants to try and reach a deal. For negotiations in Fairfax Traffic Court, you will requires ti have a traffic lawyer.