Domestic Violence Lawyer Alexandria

A violent domestic case may be life changing for both the parties, i.e., the offender and the victim. If you are the one who has been charged by a domestic violence case or the one who has been a victim of the domestic abuse, then consult specialized and expert domestic violence lawyer Alexandria for your legal assistance and guidance.

Domestic Violence

According to domestic law violence is any act or intimidating behavior of a partner, caregiver, family member or any concerned individual, which invokes a fearful or scary response from the victim. The law applies to anyone living in the community of Alexandria irrespective of age, gender, race, culture, religion, or economic status.

Types of Domestic Violence

There are four primary types of domestic violence including

  • Physical Abuse: it includes any physical injuries or harm to the body of the victim like hitting, slapping, kicking, biting, pushing, choking, or using weapons, etc.
  • Emotional Abuse: it is the most neglected type of domestic abuse, which includes humiliation, intimidation, calling by abusive names, hitting the sense of self-worth, threatening, and damaging the self-confidence.
  • Sexual Abuse: it includes anything that involves the sensual or sexual acts like forcing the victim to engage in sexual activities, touching the sensitive body parts, etc.
  • Economic Abuse: it involves the financial set back of the victim with an ill intention of providing harm, such as discouraging in employment, playing with the family finances, controlling all the financial accounts, improper use of financial authorities, etc.

Categorization of Parties Involved in Domestic Violence

According to the Alexandria Law, the domestic violence can be in between the following parties;

  • Married people
  • Divorced people
  • People who live together or have previously lived together
  • People having a common child regardless of their marriage
  • Blood relations or family members
  • In-laws or ex-in-laws

These are the categories, which are defined as the offenders of domestic violence under Virginia law. If the abuser doesn’t fall under any of these categories, then the case will be moved from the jurisdiction of domestic violence and will be re-docketed in the General District Court of the same jurisdiction.

Domestic Violence Laws

The Protective Order is the legal charge that is issued by the law authorities or judge or magistrate of Alexandria that is aimed to ensure health and safety of the person who is assaulted by the alleged abuser of the considered case of domestic violence. The Protective Order allows the afraid victim to ask for the protective order so that the abuser or offender may not harm him anymore and stays away from the victim. If any of the offender or assaulted violates the protective order is constituted with another crime of law violation that will require additional assistance from the attorney.

Role of a Lawyer

A domestic violence lawyer Alexandria can assist and guide you in understanding the laws and legal implications that are posed in case of domestic violence of any type. No matter what type of your case is; the domestic violence lawyer Alexandria have the knowledge and expertise to suggest you best possible solution through which you will be minimally charged or get affected. He will build up the most robust defense for you to ensure the protection of your rights. Hurry up and consult domestic violence lawyer Alexandria and don’t afraid of the consequences of the domestic violence case that you are facing.