Domestic Violence: Different types of Abuse

Domestic violence which is often called as domestic abuse includes, sexual, physical and emotional abuse between partners and family members. Domestic violence often deteriorates from dangers and vocal abuse to violence. And though bodily injury might be the most apparent danger, the emotive and emotional concerns of domestic abuse are also severe. Domestic violence is an orderly pattern of behavior planned to control other partner. Domestic abuse can be physical, emotional, psychological, financial or sexual. Incidents of domestic violence usually become more common and severe with time.

Types of Abuse

Unluckily, several types of abuse are common in a relationship. These types of abuse are often seen in domestic partnership but abuse is common among elders and their mature children. Knowing about the types of abuse can allow you to easily spot them and take legal support to stop them. Different types of abuse includes:

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is also known as mental abuse. This type of abuse is the most common among all and it contains any behavior which is planned to hurt another individual mentally. Psychological or emotional abuse include yelling, shaming, threats, disgrace and other tactics.

Physical Abuse

This type of abuse displays outer signs and indications. Physical abuse is also recognised as domestic violence or domestic abuse which is happen within close relationship. This abuse includes any act of threat or physical act planned to harm other person physically. It comprises slapping, punching, kicking and hair-pulling.

Financial Abuse

This type of abuse is often seen besides other types of abuse. This abuse happen when a person restricts access to money from the other person. This type of abuse includes actions like cutting off access to bank accounts, withholding credit cards, exploitation of assets for personal gain, controlling where someone is working or preventing access to information related to financial matters.

Sexual Abuse

This type of abuse is frequently committed against women though men can also be the targets of sexual abuse. Sexual abuse comprises any unsafe and undesirable sexual act enforced onto the victim. It includes unwanted touching and sexual contact with other person. Sexual abuse also contains rape or an attempt to rape, sexual assault or sexual acts to which the adult is at risk has not agreed.

Verbal Abuse

Verbal abuse is usually a kind of psychological abuse. This type of abuse happen when words and body language are used by the abuser with a concentrating to upset another person. Vocal abuse incudes put-downs and unreasoning criticism.

Spiritual Abuse

This type of abuse is hard to detect particularly if religion, beliefs and traditions are not clear. This type of abuse revolves around the spirituality of other person. It includes attacking the beliefs of other person or denying the access to worship house.

All types of abuse are illegal; and some of them are even hard to prosecute. Most of the above defined abuses are committed against children. If your or any of your family member is facing any type of abuse, contact our attorneys at SRIS Law Group and consult your case with our experienced attorneys.

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