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Traumatic Brain Injury is a major public health problem and one of the main causes of disability that occur in the United States. The most susceptible group is that of children, young adolescents and over 75 years old, says the best personal injury attorney in Prince William Virginia. More than 5 million Americans today live with permanent traumatic brain injuries that cause high economic burdens to the state. The financial cost is only part of the heavy burden of suffering a brain injury, the human cost is incalculable.

Having an injury of this type implies a lifelong disability that requires medical attention and ongoing care, cognitive therapy, vocational rehabilitation and family counselors. According to the best personal injury attorney in Prince William Virginia, it is important to know that depending on how it happened, whether there was negligence or not, if 911 was called and how the affected person was transferred to the emergency center, the calculation of compensation affects both the State if there are lawsuits and the insurance company affected.

Main causes of brain injuries

In the United States, the experience in treated cases reveals that the main causes of these injuries are vehicular accidents. It is followed by falls in public places, assaults by firearms, gender violence, fights in general and suicidal behavior. In any of these incidents, the affected person and their relatives are protected by the State and must immediately resort to legal advice to evaluate the magnitude of their case and initiate the pertinent investigations, says the best personal injury attorney in Prince William Virginia.

What to do in the face of a traumatic brain injury?

The first thing to do is call 911, go to the emergency center by ambulance and request the medical report that confirms the traumatic brain injury. When the injury is the result of an unexpected accident, in which there is no direct responsibility, the medical specialist will draw up a complete report and if the family needs financial help or is not covered by an insurer, it will contact the Center for Disease Control – CDC – to receive the necessary attention and social workers evaluate the help that the State will give them.

When to sue for a brain injury?

When the injury occurs due to someone’s negligence, for example in a car or motor vehicle accident, a trauma caused by another person in a fight, a medical malpractice, falls or other involuntary accident, then the affected person must immediately resort to emergencies, recommends the best personal injury attorney in Prince William Virginia. When confirmed that there is brain damage, the attending physician must prepare all the necessary reports, which will be used as evidence before the State.

In these cases it is very important to go to a legal professional to advise the plaintiff correctly and can make a correct calculation of the compensation to request, since it depends on the degree of the injury, how the events occurred and the scope of the insurer of the victim. Any injury due to the negligence of another carries with it direct legal sanctions that the state laws protect, depending on the State in which they occurred.

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