What is required to get a restraining order in Virginia?

In Virginia, restraining order is called the protective order. This order is important when you are being forced by any other person into violence or being threatened with acts of physical, sexual, emotion or psychological harassment. You can obtain a protective order when you go to a General District Court and demonstrate the judge that … Read more

What are the punishments for solicitation of prostitution in Maryland

The act of prostitution is considered illegal, throughout the world. Maryland deals with all the prostitution related cases very strictly. This includes buying and selling of sexual favors, along with the act of pimping. What is Prostitution? Prostitution is a name given to the act of exchanging money or equivalent good for any sexual activity. … Read more

Aggravated Domestic Assault in Virginia

Aggravated Domestic Assault in Virginia According to Virginia Law, there are different categories of an assault. In Virginia, there is assault and battery and then there is also severe felony crimes such as hateful wounding or aggravated malicious wounding. In section 18.2-57.2, which is an assault on a household and the definition of assault is … Read more