Computer Hacking Laws And Penalties In Virginia

Every day we see in the news that a Website has been hacked and that a database has been compromised. That scares us all. Not to go so far, recently Anonymous made “the biggest attack” in history, sneaking into the servers of GoDaddy, leaving with a single attack more than 50 million websites offline. Unfortunately, … Read more

What is the sentence for armed robbery in Virginia?

What is an Armed Robbery? Any robbery in which the robber has any kind of weapon or firearm with him and threatens you with it is called armed robbery. Mostly, robberies in Virginia are armed robberies. Armed robbery is a serious crime in Virginia. Armed robberies can put you in jail for the rest of … Read more

False Claims Defense in Virginia

What is False Claim? If you are found defrauding the Federal Government, you will be charged with the false claim charge. Sounds unrealistic, yes, but that’s how it is. Few people in the country dare to defraud the Government, and if they get caught in the end, you know how serious matter this will turn … Read more

Wire Fraud Arrest Defense Attorney Virginia

Why does Wire Fraud Arrest happen? Wire Fraud arrest happens when you are charged with the wire fraud crime. This can be one of the most frustrating and depressing time in your life where you are on the verge of facing penalties of 20 years in jail or maximum of $250,000. Horrible, no? That’s what … Read more

Pain and Suffering Damages in Virginia

A state like Virginia is where you would dream of living. Why is that? Because of the commonwealth and the code of Virginia. Everything is so maintained, so organized and whatnot. When it comes to the Law in Virginia, you might not find a better state than this. Rules for everyone are same, and the … Read more

How To Choose A DUI Lawyer In Virginia

To choose a DUI lawyer in Virginia is something that can happen to anyone at any point in their life. Here is some advice to find a lawyer that can effectively protect you from driving under the influence (DUI) charges and defend your interests. 1.      Perform Thorough Search Both Offline and Online When you need … Read more

Penalty For Computer Hacking In Virginia

Life, like that fountain – there is nothing eternal, the process of evolution is restlessly moving forward. Modern technologies that we encounter in everyday life and to which we are accustomed, are becoming more sophisticated, and the process of their improvement has recently reached a rapid growth rate. Almost every month we learn about different … Read more

Credit Card Fraud Charge Defense Lawyers Virginia

The credit card has eventually become one of the frequently used means of payment. Consequently, cardholders are often vulnerable to credit card scams, theft, forgery, and frauds. A fraud on credit cards is any action that leads to the scam of the account holder or the bank making you lose your money or use of … Read more

Virginia Child Custody and Visitation Laws

When two parents separate or divorce, the residence of the child is fixed by mutual agreement or by court order of the family court. There are mainly three types of child residence fixation as per Virginia child custody and visitation laws: Classic: every second weekend and half of the school holidays; Alternate: usually alternately one … Read more

Buying and selling commercial property in Fairfax Virginia

Investing in property always gives considerable financial gains in the form of either renting the property or selling the property in the future on a higher price than when the property was bought. Investors usually consider a lot of factors while buying a particular property, some of the main factors include the location, current and … Read more